Rainboom is not very good at Tumblr.

….h-hi, my name is r-rainboom.. b-but.. but r-rain works.
i.. i-im a pegisi, a-and i work a-as a manedresser f-for the wonderbolts and… a-and im e-engaded to t-the most beautiful m-mare in equestria s-silver dazzle.
i-im scared o-of a lot of things like f-flying and darkness, but i-i really like using the p-ponynet. i-i stutter a l-lot a-and, and m-my eyes h-have always been r-really bad and.. a-and i get scared a-around other ponies, but i-if you want t-to ask me any questions i-i can try and a-answer them for you..

a-as… as long y-you're not a b-bully.

  1. lloxie said: Aww .-. *huggles Rain*
  2. scythemaster892 said: whats wrong rainy, what’s troubling you?
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