Rainboom is not very good at Tumblr.

….h-hi, my name is r-rainboom.. b-but.. but r-rain works.
i.. i-im a pegisi, a-and i work a-as a manedresser f-for the wonderbolts and… a-and im e-engaded to t-the most beautiful m-mare in equestria s-silver dazzle.
i-im scared o-of a lot of things like f-flying and darkness, but i-i really like using the p-ponynet. i-i stutter a l-lot a-and, and m-my eyes h-have always been r-really bad and.. a-and i get scared a-around other ponies, but i-if you want t-to ask me any questions i-i can try and a-answer them for you..

a-as… as long y-you're not a b-bully.

…i-i haven’t e-e-even been able to fix m-my mane in months. i-i don’t know what went wrong. i-its the only thing i’m good at, t-the only thing i like about me, l-look at it now.

i-I’ve been trying to hide a-away, i-i couldn’t let a-anypony see m-me like this, but.. i-ill just h-have to face it.. i-its h-how I’m going to l-look from now on.

….i-i think i’m going t-to stop working f-for the wonderbolts. t-they deserve better then me a-and id rather l-leave before t-they make me.

i-it was nice while it l-l-lasted.

…n-no pony touches m-my mane.

s-s-stay back.

(This is the first I’ve drawn in months so I need to get used to it again. I forgot how to hold my pen.)

(I’m here now)

((One more day till moving))

( Hi everyone, sorry I’ve been so quiet lately I haven’t even been using my personal blog. But tomorrow is it, last day and I’m moving out. I’d like to say I’m excited but really I’m super tired and stressed. It’s been a non-stop and hectic few weeks. I bough a newer car on craigslist because mine had way to many problems and wouldn’t make it to Las Vegas. Managed to sell my old one, finished my last day of work the same day. Most of that’s happened in the past 3 days, plus packing, scanning documents, organizing things, washing laundry, driving around to pick stuff up, Ect.

Then last night to make things interesting I dropped my phone and shattered the whole screen to where it was unreadable. I spent that night stoping at every cell store on the way home from where I was (the only place I did find who sold screen kits was bestbuy.. But you had to buy the kit then the geek squad had to install it, for $150.) I got up this morning, stopped at the mall on my way to the bank, got my screen fixed in 15 mins for $50, and bought an otterbox. It was a bit of an inconvenience but I got it taken care of.

I’m in bed and my eyes are closed for half of this so I really should finish this up.. I’ll update you all right before I leave then once I get there.. Then I can draw more rainy!



Little colt rainy discovering he loves insects.

(I drew this real fast last night.)

…O-oh gosh…I-oh gosh oh gosh I.. I…. I-it’s me!! I… S-she’s talking a-about me!! I….i…. I-it’s g-Gregory! I… O-ohgosh I….i-I’m feeling…. D-dizzy… I…i-I’m going t-to….

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((Sorry to do this, I really dislike asking for things like this, but if you didn’t see my last post, I’m going to be moving out for the first time next month.. It’s real scary and stressful but I’m real excited. I’ll be moving from California to Nevada. I’ve never done this before so I don’t really know what’s going to happen.. And I don’t know how long it will be before I get a job.. Hopefully it won’t be to long, but I’m still terrified about not being able to.. I’m also going to need to buy a different car before I leave. My current one won’t be able to make it most likely and it won’t do so well in the desert, it overheats a lot.

I fell really guilty doing this and I don’t feel like I’m big enough on tumblrpon to be asking for donations, I promise I’ll only do this for as long as I need to then I’ll just go back to updating.. My previous attempts to get donations after a car accident or trying commissions haven’t gone well and I feel uneasy about the whole thing.

If you do want to donate to my paypal, it’s gwwalder@gmail.com.

I’ll try and put a donation link in here but I’ll have to find out how to do it on mobile.

Thank you to anyone donates, I wish I didn’t have to but I really appreciate it. Even if it’s just a tiny bit, every cent helps.

I promise once this is all over I’ll try and get better at drawing, and I’ll even try requests. Thank you.

((NSFW link and news stuff.))

Okay well a few days ago, I found that a certain, orange pegisi was requested on another blog to be drawn doing… Well.. NSFW stuff. I wasn’t sure if I should post it but I may as well.. I usually would never post a thing like this, but here it is. http://www.whatsa-smut.com/post/91190319552/so-recently-i-asked-for-which-characters-youd

Also, I haven’t updated for a while, I’ve been busy. Im finally going to be moving! I’ll be staying with slots, and then cheesey will be visiting to, I’m real excited, but I’m also real stressed and tired and busy and aijbgrkjabvojrng.. I’m still not sure how long it I’ll be before I get hired once I get there.. But there’s no turning back.. Hopefully once I’m settled and things are back to normal I’ll be working on my blog again… I should be moved over by August..
So.. Until then… Woop.. I may try and do a simple. Update between then and now.. But I can’t promise.

Have a great week everyone!


Well last night i was thinking about how international couples celebrate their national holidays once them move together. And what if that holiday was to celebrate overcoming the others country? Then i had this idea.. 

Just a little more practice with manga studio, im starting to like it. I havent tried shading with it yet though. 

Also hopefully this dosent offend anyone or anything, i dont see why it would but you never know. This is pretty exaggerated,  i’ve never been super patriotic, though i do enjoy living in this country. It still has problems, but thats the same everywhere, theres never going to be a perfect place to live.. 

I do plan on moving over to manchester with him sometime, but I dont think we’ll celebrate much for Independence Day. Though there is one staple of July 4th that im sure he’ll enjoy.


((Here’s my 4th of July post from last year.

Still not super patriotic or anything, but it’s a silly idea. BTW cheesey said we could celebrate it but really I think it’s just because of the burgers heh.))

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