Rainboom is not very good at Tumblr.

….h-hi, my name is r-rainboom.. b-but.. but r-rain works.
i.. i-im a pegisi, a-and i work a-as a manedresser f-for the wonderbolts and… a-and im e-engaded to t-the most beautiful m-mare in equestria s-silver dazzle.
i-im scared o-of a lot of things like f-flying and darkness, but i-i really like using the p-ponynet. i-i stutter a l-lot a-and, and m-my eyes h-have always been r-really bad and.. a-and i get scared a-around other ponies, but i-if you want t-to ask me any questions i-i can try and a-answer them for you..

a-as… as long y-you're not a b-bully.

..r-run before i-it gets y-you aahhahah

…..i-i shaved my m-mane off!!

…a… a-april f-fools! .. i.. i-i didn’t really shave my m-mane off.. 

… o-oh.. i… i-i feel bad now.. i… i didn’t mean to… t-to trick… i… i-i’m sorry i’m r-real sorry oh gosh i-i’m sorry.. i-i’m horrible. 




Our manes get styled for performances, but I much prefer to have it loose when I’m not performing or practising.

Also, our manes generally end up in a scruffy mess after lots of flying anyway.

//Featuring Silver Dazzle.

Scruffy manes are in this year?


…scruffy m-manes are not i-in.

.. s-s-scruffy manes a-are never in. t-they’re worse then s-split ends and c-clumps combined.

c-come here…. b-both of you…






Mack and Chic Pea, married at last!

Thank you everypony for coming and for two great years on tumblr thus far!

((The blogs featured in the above picture will now be credited))

Filly Twilight Sparkle

Seapony Lyra, Skurge and Luna of Lurking in the deep

Din Kaiser


Derpy, Sparkler and Dinky of ask Derpy and daughters both

Beizer Curve

Silver Blaze

Music Trance

Gadget and Lavender of ask Gadget Steelmare

Little Emerald

Teen Pipsqueak


Firenze Mod

Lovely Mod

Lovely Pages



Kappa the Kirin

Cheesey Burger


Djose and Jet of ask Djose



Nod the narcoleptic




Mack’s blog participants include: Hardy Mackintosh, Chic Pea, Aine, Ironside, Petunia, Russel Sprout, Sweet Peach and Swahili.

wow! I know it took you forever and a half to make this, and it looks so awesome. This really is amazing Mack.

Hey look! We went to a wedding! It was all sappy and mushy and feely, but it was still fun.

We’s attending wedding of blacksmith and vegetable grower Chic Pea and Mack!

((Mod apologises for lack of updates, this picture took a very long time to draw.))



Merry Christmas, Tumblr!

I spent a lot of time this year just watching. Watching friends change and mature, watching people grow closer and further apart. I have seen relationships bloom and start down the next path in their lives. People have become far more talented regardless of their own opinions on the matter in both art and their chosen professions. Above are just some of those who fill these categories.

Tumblr, you are all awesome. And continue being awesome into the new year - I wouldn’t be the person I am without you all.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas or other holiday celebration. See you all in 2014!

Featured Ponies (left to right. If any links are wrong, please let me know!):
Filly Lyra
Cheesey Burger
Lefty Lucy
Cloudchaser + Flitter
Lovely Pages
Peebs (no known link)
N (no known link)
Pony in a Box *peer* (no known link)
Apple Fritter
Faded Ink
Mack the Blacksmith
Sandy (duh)

Full resolution (4k) (why would you want this?)

H-HELP! …c-cheesey and kappa w-wont stop scarring me!

((ohgosh thank you! merry christmas!))


So, today is a very special day today! No its not because its the eve before Christmas Eve. Its because today is the birthday of the mod of Rainboom Stinton.

If you’ve followed my mod blog or even seen the odd posts here, you’ll know that right now Rainy is in a bad place right now but I’ll post all of that rant in on my mod blog real soon.

Anyway to cheer him up from all the gloom his parents are causing him, I’ve chosen to get as many of our friends to draw him some amazing artwork. I really have to thank them all so so much for their time they put into these so its only fair I list who made what.

In no particular order:

1: Coalheart
2: LovelyWaifu
3&4: Ridiculous Fan Pony
5: Lovely Pages
6: Ask Vanilla and Rummie
7: Ask Dark Pony
8: This one was done by me!

I did have two more but they aren’t really in line with what I post on here although they are still great and I thank them along with these too.

Anyway Happy Birthday Rainboom. I hope that soon we can have a chance to be together.

((I don’t even know what to say i’m so happy a;glkej;abgeaugehlaiogjleigje;oihgne this is the best thing ever they are all so adorable and ohgosh thank you everyone and think you hun. I love you all.))

..o-only three m-months and t-t-twenty six d-days till t-the next book is out!!!!

..o-only three m-months and t-t-twenty six d-days till t-the next book is out!!!!

……h-hes so a-awesome.

((Rainy’s going to be playing dnd with Nod, Kappa, and Nombre! Check it out its going to be amazing!)) 

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